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Overtime Pay Must Be Paid in Cash in Thailand 泰國加班費必須以現金支付

When working in Thailand, it is important to know whether overtime pay can be paid in cash, and whether overtime pay can be compensated for another holiday. In January 2021, the Office of Welfare and Labor Protection in Thailand had confirmed that the overtime pay CAN NOT be paid as a “Day-Off” for the employees to enjoy.


According to Section 23 of the Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541(1981), it has laid out the rules in regard to the work hour limitation for the normal employee to be “No more than 8 hours a day, no more than 48 hours a week”. When an employer wants an employee to work on the hours exceeded the “normal working” hours, it will be deemed as the “Overtime Hour” where, according to Section 61, the employee will be entitled to “one and a half” (1.5) rate of the normal working hour.

根據佛曆2541年(1981)勞動保護法第23條規定,正常員工的工作時間限制為“每天不超過8小時、每週不超過48小時”。當雇主希望員工的工作時間超過“正常工作”時間,將被視為“加班時間”,根據第 61 條規定,員工將有權獲得“一點五” (1.5)正常工作時間的費率。

For example, Mr. A is working as a factory worker and receiving wages on a day-by-day basis, receiving 100 THB/per hour during the normal work day. Mr. A will be entitled to 800 THB every day if he works for the full working hour/day. However, If Mr. A’s works exceeded the normal hours a day and works for 10 hours in one day, he will receive “1,100 THB” for that day. (800 THB for normal 8 hours of work in normal hours, 300 THB from the normal wages (100 THB) * Overtime rate as prescribed by law (1.5) * exceeded working hours from the normal work hour (2 hours).

例如,A 先生是一名工廠工人,按日領取工資,在正常工作日每小時領取100 泰銖。如果 A 先生每天工作8小時,他每天將有權獲得 800 泰銖。但是,如果A先生每天工作時數超過正常時間,並且一天工作10個小時,當天工資可領取“1,100泰銖”。 (正常工作 8 小時 800 泰銖,正常工資 300 泰銖 (100 泰銖) * 法律規定的加班費 (1.5)* 超出正常工作時間 (2 小時) 的工作時間。

However, in some circumstances, an employer would deploy the tactics instead of paying the wages that the employee is due for, and the employer would do an “extra day-off” for the employee to enjoy instead of payment. This could come in the form of a certain work hour threshold that, if the employee reaches a certain point, the day-off will be granted to the employee. Such practices are deemed against the Labor protection act, as the day-off could not be granted under certain circumstances accordingly to the employee’s overtime hour. It must be paid in the form of extra wages only as per the announcement made by the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, all forms of overtime cannot be paid in the form of an extra day off.


Any employer who violates these rules of overtime payment will be deemed to violate Section 61 of the Labor Protection Act. Such offenses have a criminal punishment, according to Section 144 (1) of imprisonment of no more than 6 months or a fine of no more than 100,000 THB or Both.

任何違反這些加班費規則的雇主將被視為違反《泰國勞動保護法》第 61 條。根據第144 (1)條規定,此類罪行可處以不超過 6 個月的監禁或不超過 100,000 泰銖的罰款、或兩者併罰。

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