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Areas of Expertise

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Inspect and file revenue documents (copy of pay-in slips, copy of receipts, etc.); Inspect and  file expense documents (invoices, delivery receipts, purchase orders,  etc); Inspect Journal Vouchers in order to adjust accounting structure, prepare Bank Reconciles, Inspect Promissory Note both in  and out in P/N list (if any); Prepare and record details of Fixed Assets and their depreciation; Manage and post client’s account as per Accounting Standard by using moderate Accounting Computer System; Create Financial Reports-Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and other supported details.

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Inspect Withholding Tax Documents - Por. Ngo. Dor. 1, Por. Ngo. Dor. 3, Por. Ngo. Dor. 53 (before recorded in terms of Accounting); Inspect Value Added Tax (VAT) documents - Por. Por. 30, Por. Por. 36 and Purchase Report & Sales Report (before recorded in terms of Accounting); Prepare Corporate income tax return – Por. Ngo. Dor. 51 and to submit to Revenue Department within 31st August (for the first half year); Prepare a full year Corporate income tax return – Por. Ngo. Dor. 50 and submit to Revenue Department within 28th May; Prepare Sor. Bor. Chor. 3 and a list of shareholders and to submit to Thai Ministry of Commerce.

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Drafting agreements relating to business acquisition or takeover: share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, joint venture agreements, and shareholders’ agreements. Assignment and novation of existing agreements. Drafting agreements relating to the sale, purchase, leasing, import or export of goods. Advising on tax aspects of commercial transactions, particularly in relation to asset, share or land acquisition, leasing or sale.

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Advice on all aspects of hotel development and tourism matters, including handling the purchase of land, advice on construction agreements, advice on ownership and environmental issues and negotiating hotel management agreement.

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Conduct of proceedings before the Civil Court, the Criminal Court, Provincial Courts, the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, the Labor Court, the Revenue Court, the Bankruptcy Court, and the Administrative Court. Conduct of appeals to the Court of Appeals or to the Supreme Court. The conduct of arbitration proceedings under the Thai Arbitration Act or under international arbitration rules such as the ICC or UNCITRAL.

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Advise on rights and liabilities under the Trademark Act, the Patent Act, the Copyright Act, the Trade Secrets Act and other associated legislation. Applying for registration of trademarks and patents and defending contested applications. Drafting licensing and franchising agreements.

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Audit Service as per General Audit Standard. Which includes but not limited to internal audit, risk and compliance services, internal control reviews and advice, enterprise risk management services, review of prospective financial and budgets, audits for other reports and statutory audits and reviews of financial statements.

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Prepare and submit Social Security documents within 15-25 of the months (the fee for the first registration to the Thai Social Security will be charged depending on the number of employees).

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Representing lenders or borrowers in relation to loan transactions, drafting loan or credit facility agreements, guarantees, mortgages, pledges, assignments and other security agreements. Registration of security agreements. Advising foreign banks or financial institutions that wish to establish a branch office or representative office, or who wish to engage in lending activities in Thailand. Advice concerning licenses required to conduct banking or finance business.

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Advising debtors and creditors in relation to insolvency or restructuring of corporate debt. Negotiating between the parties and drafting voluntary restructuring agreements. Issuing proceedings for restructuring under the Bankruptcy Act, on behalf of the debtor or creditors.

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Advising on liability for corporate income tax, withholding taxes, personal income tax, value added tax, specific business tax, stamp duty, excise duty and other taxes. Representing the taxpayer in proceedings before the Revenue Court and appeals from its decisions. Advice concerning international withholding taxes and double taxation treaties. In depth knowledge and experience in both domestic and international tax planning, structure and solution.

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We act as company secretary for many local and foreign companies and perform such work for multinational corporations. This includes drafting notices and minutes for board meetings and shareholders meetings and advice on all company compliance issues.

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Our services provide strategic and financial advisory services to companies of the public and private sector throughout every phase of the economic cycle. Through our experience with the big group companies in Thailand, we are more suitable to provide clients with the required advice and solution and to help clients to operate their business successfully in the business environment.

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Formation and registration of limited companies, partnerships, branch offices, representative offices and other corporate entities. Advice on restrictions on foreign ownership under the Foreign Business Act and other legislation. Advice on applying for promotional incentives to the Board of Investment or other institutions. Advice on the rights, duties and liabilities of directors, shareholders and auditors.

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Representing sellers, developers, and buyers of residential, commercial or industrial property including apartments, condominiums, office buildings and apartment buildings. Drafting leases and services agreements relating to property development and leasing. Drafting construction agreements. Advice on planning consents required for property development, and licenses required for factories, and other commercial businesses.

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Advising on licenses required to operate telecommunications and IT businesses and restrictions on foreign ownership of such businesses. Drafting service agreements relating to telecommunications and IT businesses. Advising on tax and duty liabilities in connection with such businesses.

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Advice on employers’ and employees’ rights and duties under the Labor Protection Act and other associated legislation. Drafting employment agreements, contracts for services, directors’ service agreements and consultants’ agreements. Advice concerning dismissal, liability for severance pay and damages for unfair dismissal. Advice concerning income tax and withholding taxes that arise by virtue of the employment relationship.

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Thai, English, Chinese and Japanese

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