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泰國雇主在公司停止營運後是否需要支付員工薪水 (問與答) Part IV

Shall a Thai Employer Pay Employee When its Business is Closed (Q&A) Part IV

泰國雇主在公司停止營運後是否需要支付員工薪水 (問與答) Part IV

11. Under what conditions can a Thai employee receive 50% of the salary from the Social Security Office?


Answer: If a Thai employee has to stop working because the Thai employer has to stop doing business temporarily according to the government's order, the Social Security Office will pay the employee 50% of severance pay based on the amount of salary that appears in the social security system with a maximum rate of salary of not more than 15,000 baht (7,500 baht compensation per month). The Social Security Office will pay

compensation to Thai employees for not more than 90 days.




In addition, a Thai employee should meet following conditions:


- The Thai employer asks the Thai employee to temporarily stop working during business closure ordered by the government.


- The Thai employee must have contributed to social security for at least 6 months in the

past 15 months prior to the unemployment date.


12. How should Thai employees apply compensations from the Social Security Office?


Answer: Thai employees who are entitled to receive compensation for 70%, 45%, 50% of

the salary must proceed by the following:


- Submits certificate of unemployment due to force majeure via e-service on the website


- Thai employer or Thai employee registers for benefits of receiving social security compensation via e-service on the website


- Thai employer or Thai employee submits an application for unemployment benefits together with a bank book to the Bangkok Social Security Office within 3 working days from the date of submitting the information to the e-service system.



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