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泰國雇主在公司停止營運後是否需要支付員工薪水 (問與答) Part I

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Shall a Thai Employer Pay Employee When its Business is Closed (Q&A) Part I

泰國雇主在公司停止營運後是否需要支付員工薪水 (問與答) Part I


1. Should a Thai employer pay employee when its business is closed during COVID-19?


Answer: In the following cases, a Thai employer should pay employee:


a. Business that the government does not order to close, but the Thai employer closes the business itself.


b. In the case of COVID-19, the Thai employer has assessed the situation and is expecting that the epidemic may last for a long time and the employer will go bankrupt.


In conclusion, in the event that a Thai employer asks an employee to stop working without paying the employee's salary, it must be a business that the government has ordered to temporarily close due to the outbreak of COVID-19 unless the employee voluntarily agrees not to receive the salary.


2. Under what circumstances will a Thai employee receive government compensation that the employer does not need to pay employee during COVID-19?


Answer: 1 type.


On July 13, 2021, Cabinet meeting approved compensation measures for COVID-19 to compensate for the lockdown resulting from the order to close the place of business issued in accordance with Section 9 of Emergency Decree No. 27 by paying compensation to people affected by lockdown orders and curfews in dark red areas.

2021年7月13日的內閣會議通過COVID-19的補助措施,因應根據第 27 號緊急命令第 9條發布的關閉營業場所的命令而導致的封城,並補償給收到封鎖令的深紅色區域和宵禁影響的人。

In this case, the Thai employer does not have to pay salary. The government will compensate the employees being affected.


Please be aware that this type of government compensation is different from compensation received from the Social Security Office.


3. How much and how many months would the Thai government compensate?


Answer: For the Thai employee who is the insurer according to Section 33 of Thai Social Security Act shall receive 2,500 baht per person for 1 month. For the Thai employee who is the insurer according to Section 39 and 40 of Thai Social Security Act shall receive 5,000 baht per person for 1 month.

Furthermore, for the Thai employer who is affected during the COVID-19 pandemic of 9 industries in dark red areas will be eligible to apply for government compensation of 3,000 baht per employee per business with a maximum of not more than 200 employees (600,000 baht) as well. By the way, for the Thai entrepreneur who does not have any employee still can apply to be an insurer according to Section 40 of the Thai Social Security Act to get 5,000 baht of government compensation for 1 month.

答案:對於根據《泰國社會保險法》第33條作為保險人的泰國員工,每人1個月應獲得 2,500泰銖。對於根據《泰國社會保險法》第39條和第40條作為保險人的泰國員工,每人1個月應獲得 5,000 泰銖。


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