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Employee rights in relation to Work Injury 員工職災後的權利 Part II

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Workmen’sCompensation Fund員工賠償基金

When an employee experiences danger or illness from work, how can "workmen’s compensation fund" help employees (But the employer must also registers for social security)? The purpose of the Fund is to replace employer’s liability and to give prompt and equitable protection against injury, disease, disability or death resulting from employment.

當員工在工作中受傷或是生病,”員工賠償基金”會怎麼協助員工(前提是雇主有註冊社會保險)? 基金的目的是取代雇主的責任,替因工作受傷、生病、殘疾、或死亡的員工提供立即及公正的保護。

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