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The Board of Investment泰國投資委員會

It is a government agency under the Office of the Prime Minister. Its core roles and responsibilities are to support and promote investment in business within BOI to increase potential and competitiveness for Thailand by reduce investment risks and reduce the initial cost of investment and increase return on investment. Helping with consulting and investment services to stimulate the economy and develop the country sustainably including attracting more foreign investors to invest in the country. The companies that can join the BOI must meet the criteria and meet the conditions of the BOI only.

它是隸屬總理辦公室之下的政府機構。其核心角色和職責是支持和促進 BOI 內的業務投資,藉由降低投資風險、降低投資初始成本和增加投資回報來增加泰國的潛力和競爭力。幫助提供諮詢和投資服務以刺激經濟和可持續發展國家,包括吸引更多的外國投資者投資泰國。能夠加入BOI的公司必須符合條件,並且只滿足BOI的條件。

To promote valuable investment to restructure Thailand’s economy into new economy by achieving 3 aspects consisting of:


  1. Innovative: Being an economy that is driven by technology, innovation and creativity.


2. Competitive: Being an economy that is competitive, adaptive and generate high growth.


3. Inclusive: Being an economy that values environmental and social sustainability, creates opportunity and reduces inequality.


In order to achieve the vision, the Board of Investment has set 7 milestones of investment promotion as follows:


  1. Restructure the industry by enhancing the prevailing industry along with building up new industrial bases, which Thailand has potential, and strengthening the supply chain.


2. Accelerate the transition to Smart and Sustainable Industry of new investments and the enhancement of existing entrepreneurs.

​​​​​​​ 加快新投資向智能和可持續產業的轉型,並提升現有企業家的實力。

3. Advance Thailand as international business hub and regional trade and investment gateway.


4. Develop strength and global connectivity of small and medium enterprise (SMEs) and Startup.

發展中小型企業 (SME) 和初創企業的實力和全球連通性。

5. Promote investment based on potential of the area, to create growth inclusively. 促進基於區域潛力的投資,以創造包容性增長。

6. Encourage promoted enterprise to engage in communal and social development. 鼓勵被提倡的企業參與社區和社會發展。

7. Promote Thai overseas investment to expand business opportunities and Thailand’s role in the global economy.


List of Activities Eligible for Investment Promotion 符合投資促進條件的活動清單

  1. Agriculture, Food and Biotechnology Industry 農業、食品和生物技術業

  2. Medical Industry 醫療業

  3. Machinery and Vehicles Industry 機械和汽車業

  4. Electrical Appliances and Electronics industry 電器電子業

  5. Metal and Material Industry 金屬材料業

  6. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry 化學和石化工業

  7. Public Utilities 公共設施

  8. Digital Industry 數位產業

  9. Creative Industry 創意產業

  10. High Value Service 高價值服務

In order to obtain investment promotion, the BOI applicant must follow the conditions prescribed by the Board of Investment as specified in the BOI promotion certificate in which the following incentives will be granted: 為了獲得投資促進,BOI 申請人必須遵守​​泰國投資委員會規定的 BOI 促進證書中規定的條件,其中將授予以下獎勵

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