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Migrants are Allowed to Work or Invest in 18 Targeted Industries in Thailand 泰國允許移民在18類事業就業或投資

On 6 February 2023, Thai government published a notice on the Royal Thai Gazette website from the Ministry of Interior about regulating new laws to allow migrants to work or invest in 18 selected industries to boost Thai economy. The notice, which is the third version, was signed on 3 February 2023 by Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Cha-o-cha and Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda.


The new version of the announcement focuses on the new targeted industries for migrant workers, who are highly skilled specialists, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs for startups. This new announcement is amended from the second version which was effective on 26 February 2019. This is to increase industries for foreigners to live and work in Thailand, to enable more foreigners to live and work for long-term, followed by the policy and regulation about Thai economy and investing incentive.


According to third announcement, highly qualified specialist, investor, executive and entrepreneur for startups would work, invest, build and manage businesses in Thailand in the following target industries and to meet BOI requirements approved by Cabinet.

依據「第3號法規」,高等技能技術人員、投資商、高階主管以及初創企業業者將在泰國從事以下目標行業的工作、投資、建設和管理業務,並滿足內閣核准的 BOI 要求。

In order to comply with the criteria and conditions for special non-resident visa (Smart Visa) announced by the Board of Investment (BOI), which will promote the implementation of economic stimulus measures and investment by attracting high potential foreigners to Thailand.


1. Automotive industry 汽車產業

2. Electronic industry 電子產業

3. Quality travelling industry 高質量型旅遊產業

4. Agriculture, Food, and Biotechnology industry 農牧食品與生物科技產業

5. Automation and robotics industry 自動化和機器人產業

6. Transport and logistics industry 運輸及物流產業

7. Petrochemical and chemical industry 石油化工及化工產品產業

8. Digital industry 數位產業

9. Medical industry 醫療產業

10. Defense industry 國防產業

11. Circular economy industry e.g. fuel production from waste and water resource management 直接支持循環經濟的產業,例如再生能源、垃圾轉化成能源

12. Aviation, aircraft, and aerospace industry 航空、航空器空間產業

13. Human resource development in science and technology


14. Environment and renewable energy management 環保與替代能源管理

15. Technology, innovation, and startup ecosystem management


16. Targeted technology development 目標科技開發

17. International business centre 國際貿易中心

18. Alternative dispute resolution service 糾紛仲裁服務

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