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E-Extension System for Online Visa Extension is Available in Thailand 泰國可以針對延長線上簽證使用e-Extension系統

On November 8, 2022, Royal Thai Police and Immigration Bureau has made a new online visa extension “e-Extension” mechanism to allow foreigners to request extensions of their visas online. Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittiprapas, the national police chief, said the “e-Extension” would improve visa services by allowing visitors to lodge their requests online. Currently this service is only tested in Bangkok, and should be extended to other provinces and type of visas.

在2022年11月8日,泰國皇家警察和移民局製定新的線上簽證延期“e-Extension”機制,允許外國人申請延長簽證。國家警察局長Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas 表示,“e-Extension”將允許旅客線上提出申請,從而改善簽證服務。目前這項服務只在曼谷測試,應該會擴展到其他省份和簽證類型。

The “e-Extension” service now is only available for foreigners who are living or working in Bangkok. Currently, there are pioneered 12 acceptable application reasons that are eligible for e-Extension as follows 1.) Tourism, 2.) currently teaching in Public School, 3.) currently studying at public schools, 4.) currently working for Government Institution, 5.) Foreigners whose nationality is formerly Thai, 6.) those whose families are residing in Thailand,7.) for the purpose of Journalism and Press, 8.) currently training or researching for government institutes, 9.) Maintenance or installation of machinery 10.) Medical Workers, 11.) specialized vehicle operator and; 12.) such foreigners are permitted to stay as per Embassy’s request.

“e-Extension”服務現在只適用於在曼谷生活或工作的外國人。目前首創12個接受的“e-Extension”申請理由為1.)旅行、2.)目前在公立學校任教、3.)目前在公立學校學習、4.)目前在政府機構工作、5.)曾經是泰國人、6.)家人居住在泰國、7.)為新聞及大眾媒體目的、8.)目前在政府機構培訓或研究、9.) 機械維修或安裝、10.)醫務工作者、11.) 專業車輛操作員和12.)根據使館要求允許此類外國人逗留。

According to Thai Immigration Bureau, more than 200,000 foreigners are staying in Thailand and wishes to get their Visa extended. Extension process may cost lengthy time and resources, “Electronics Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom” platform for long length residence will help to ease the process for both foreigners and the procedure itself. Applicant who wishes to extend their visa via electronic mean must submit the request documents online and to pay the fee via website at After the process is done, all the applicants need to do is to visit IB office at Chaeng Wattana Road in person to verify their identity and to collect visa. Such process of collection will be done under 3 minutes!

泰國移民局表示,有超過20萬居住在泰國並希望取得延期簽證的外國人。這樣的過程本身就耗費很長的時間和資源,“泰國臨時居留電子延期” 長期居留平台將有助於簡化外國人和程序本身的流程。希望線上延期簽證的申請人必須線上提交所需文件並通過網站 thaiextension.vfsevisa.com支付費用。完成前述流程後,申請人需親自到位於Chaeng Wattana Road的IB辦公室核實身份並領取簽證。整個過程僅需 3 分鐘!

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