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Digital Platform Services Law will be Effective in Thailand 泰國數位平台服務法將於泰國生效

Digital platform service providers are becoming crucial to the social and economy in Thailand currently. On 23 December 2022, Digital Platform Service Law was published in the Royal Gazette to ensure creditability, fairness, and transparency among the service providers and to prevent any damage that may occur to consumers and users. This law will be effective on 21 August 2023 under the Royal Decree on Digital Platform Service Business Requiring Notification B.E. 2565 (2022) (“The Royal Decree”).

目前數位平台服務提供商對泰國的社會和經濟至關重要。2022年12月23日,《數位平台服務法》公告在皇家公報上,確保服務提供商的信譽、公平和透明度,並防止消費者和用戶遭受任何損害,該法將於2023年8月21日生效,依據佛曆2565年 (2022年) 關於需要通知的數位平台服務業務的皇室命令(簡稱“皇室命令”)。

Once the law is effective, platform operators that are doing businesses in Thailand must provide information to the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (“ETDA”). Existing platform operators who are subject to the Notification Requirement or the Brief Notification Requirement must notify the ETDA within 17 November 2023 and 19 August 2024 respectively. On the other hand, the potential operators must provide the information before operating.


Following digital platform service operators will be subject to Notification Requirement to ETDA according to Section 8 of The Royal Decree :

以下數位平台服務運營商需要遵守 ETDA 的通知要求,依據皇室命令第8條:

1. Platform operators with a gross income from operating a digital platform service in Thailand of more than THB 1.8 million per year if the operator is an individual, or THB 50 million per year if the operator is a legal entity; or

在泰國運營數位平台服務的總收入每年超過 180 萬泰銖(如果運營商是個人)或每年5千萬泰銖(如果運營商是法人實體)的平台運營商;或者

2. Platform operators with an amount of average monthly active users (“AMAU”) in Thailand of more than 5,000 (under the current draft regulation, in counting the AMAU, the user must actually and frequently use the platform, and users who log in from different devices will be counted as one user).


Please be noted that even if a platform service provider does not meet the above criteria or who are specifically exempted from the Notification Requirement, may have further announcement made by the Electronic Transactions Commission, are still required by law to submit much briefer notification before the commencement of their business annually and within the time prescribed by law (“Brief Notification Requirement”).

請注意,即使平台服務提供商不符合上述標准或被特別豁免通知要求(電子交易委員會可能進一步宣布),法律仍要求每年在開始營業之前並在法律規定的時間內提交更簡短的通知( “簡短通知要求” )。

Furthermore, below are duties and obligations imposed under the Law:


1. Annual report: Operators are required to submit an annual report based on the form, as may be further prescribed by ETDA. Report within 60 days of the end of each calendar year (for an individual) or the end of each fiscal year (for a legal entity), according to Section 15 of The Royal Decree.

年度報告:經營者必須在每個日曆年針對(個人)或每個會計年度(針對法人實體)結束後60天內,根據 ETDA 進一步規定的表格提交年度報告,依據皇室命令第15條。

2. Changes of information in relation to digital platform operator. Certain changes of the information with regard to operators (name, address, contact details, etc.) will be required to be notified to ETDA within 30 days of the change, according to Section 15 of The Royal Decree.

數位平台運營商資訊變更:運營商資訊(名稱、地址、聯繫方式等)發生某些變更,需在變更後 30 天內通知 ETDA,依據皇室命令第15條。

3. Announcement of terms and conditions: For transparency and fairness purposes, certain operators such as an operator with a service fee, online search engine operator are required to announce their terms and conditions to the service users, including, the algorithm used by such operator to recommend and advertise products and services to the service users, or to evaluate the satisfaction and opinions of service users, etc.., according to Section 15 of The Royal Decree.


4. Mitigation and compensation measure: operators must have a mitigation and compensation measure for service users who have been damaged by the operation of the digital platform, which must include a complaint process and a dispute settlement channel, according to Section 25 of The Royal Decree.


Failure to comply with Digital Platform Services Law will lead to business suspension and criminal liabilities. In addition, for criminal liabilities, if an offender is a legal entity, the director, management, and/or responsible people will be jointly liable if the offence committed is from an order and action of such persons, or a failure to prevent the action if such persons have a duty to act.


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