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What You Should Know About Changing Thai Company’s Directors 您應該知道的變更泰國公司董事

Updated: May 18, 2022

A company director plays an important role in a company. You can refer to our earlier article “Responsibility of Directors” at for further information. Therefore, when a director decides to retire or resign, it is important to know relevant regulations and procedures.


In order to change company’s directors in Thailand, the decision can be either passes by the board of directors meeting or shareholders’ meeting. If the Articles of Association of a company does not specially indicate that the board of directors has the authority to make a resolution related to change of the director’s authority, a shareholders’ special resolution should be passed. To pass a special resolution, an extraordinary general meeting (“EGM”) should be held by law.


In addition, there should be an announcement for the arrangement of a meeting. The company needs to advertise the change of directors in a local newspaper and to send an invitation letter for its shareholders’ meeting. The announcement should be made 7 days in advance of such meeting.


After the resolution has been passed, the application should be made within 14 days of the change. The application form for changing company’s directors, a copy of the ID card/passport of both old and new directors, a copy of company’s shareholders list, and a copy of the affiliate company must be filled at the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce (“DBD”) within 14 days of the change.


Please be noted that according to the law, it is not enforced how many times per year the company can register the amendment of the director's authority or the number of directors, so it can be considered that a Thai company can register the amendment of the director's authority or the number of directors any number of times.


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