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Thailand Trademark Examination Manuel is Finalized 泰國商標審查手冊已完成編訂

Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property (“DIP”) published its finalized trademark examination manual on January 17, 2022. The manual provides trademark examiners with guidelines on examination which the Trademark Act leaves to examiners’ discretion. This finalized manual has been used since January 17, 2022 for all new trademark applications and these filed before this date.[1]


Following are key points of the new amendments:


Ø Formal recognition of five level distinctiveness: From highest to lowest are fanciful marks, arbitrary marks, suggestive marks, descriptive marks, and generic marks.

正式認可五等級顯著性: 顯著性從高到低為創造性商標、任意性商標、暗示性商標、描述性商標以及通用名稱商標。

Ø Trademark which has a combination of Chinese characters is considered as inventive and registrable if the combination does not have a meaning, which means the trademark is not descriptive.[2]


Ø Trademark with a combination of letters and numbers which has no less than 3 characters is considered as inherently distinctive, unless the trademark is a common sequence such as ABC.[3]


Ø Online and social media advertisement no less than 2 years is considered sufficient evidence showing that a trademark acquires distinctiveness, which means the trademark has gained a secondary meaning.[4]


Ø Examiner may request trademark applicants to disclaim exclusive rights to non-distinctive part of trademark if that part is not the prominent part of the mark.


Please bear in mind that the abovementioned rules are guidelines for trademark examiners and are not articles indicated in Trademark Act. In other words, these regulations have no legal enforcement, and the purpose of these amendments is to help trademark examiners to use as guideline for trademark applications.


[1] For more detail of the manual, please refer to Announcement of the Department of Intellectual Property, Subject: Trademark Registration Consideration Guide 2022 No. 18/2565 at http://www.ipthailand.go.th/images/3534/2565/TM/TM_2565.pdf. [2] Section 7, paragraph two (3) of Trademark Act B.E. 2534. [3] Section 7, paragraph two (4) of Trademark Act B.E. 2534. [4] Judgment of the Supreme Court 4326/2561 (Request No. 667722).

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