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Preliminary Information of Setting up a Foundation in Thailand 在泰國設立基金會基本須知

Foundation in Thailand can engage or enter into legal business contracts once it is registered. This is an advantage for organizations seeking to partner with local organizations to support their activities in Thailand. Rules and regulations of Thai foundations are prescribed in the Thai Ministerial Regulations of Regulations, Operation and Registration of the Foundation B.E. 2545 (2002).

泰國的基金會一旦註冊即可從業或簽訂商業合約。對於尋求與當地組織合作以便支持在泰國活動的組織來說,這是一個優勢。泰國基金會的規則和條例由佛曆2545年 (2002) 泰國關於基金會的監管、運營和註冊的部級法規規定。

In general, a foundation should be (1) A board consisting of at least three people. This usually includes the director, assistant director and secretary/treasurer; (2) It has been established solely for non-profit purposes; (3) It is established for purposes of charity, religion, arts, science, literature, education, or any other purpose intended to benefit the public. Also, foundation should not be involved in political activities.

一般來說,基金會應該是 (1).董事會至少由三人組成。通常包括董事、助理董事和秘書/財務主管 (2).其成立僅出於非營利目的 (3)其成立是為了慈善、宗教、藝術、科學、文學、教育或任何其他旨在造福公眾的目的。此外,基金會不應參與政治活動。

Application for setting up a foundation in Thailand can be submitted to registrar of district. To set up a foundation, the following documents are required:


1. List of assets of owners;


2. List of allocated assets for the foundation and registered document indicating the promise to donate these assets;


3. Copy of testament if an asset was given to the foundation by virtue thereof;


4. Name, address and profession of all the members of the board of directors of the foundation;


5. Regulations of the foundation;


6. Copy of ID card or other types of identification cards issued by the government and copy of the house registration of the owners and members of the board of directors (if he/she is a priest or a foreigner, other documents reflecting his/her status and address would suffice);


7. Map of the principal office and its branch offices (if any) and the written consent of the landlord or owner of these properties;


8. Minutes of the meeting convened for the establishment.


The initial investment requirement for a foundation is at either 250,000 THB or 500,000 THB depending on the objective for which the foundation is being set up, whereby part of the investment must be evidenced in cash while another part may be evidenced in the form of assets.

基金會的初始投資要求為 250,000泰銖或500,000 泰銖,具體取決於基金會成立的目標,其中部分投資必須以現金證明,而另一部分可以以資產形式證明。

Once a district officer receives an application, he will transfer the application to the Ministry of Interior. The entire application may take up 1 (one) year before the Ministry of Interior makes the decision.


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