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Driving and Causing Water to Splash on Another Person is Against the Law in Thailand 駕駛並導致水濺到他人身上在泰

When it rains, the road surface is sometimes flooded. People are walking on the sidewalk, not only needed to be careful of the rain, but also must be careful of water that may be splashed from driving. A common problem in Thailand is that when people walk on the side of the road or to wait for bus at the bus shelter, when a fast-speeded car passes the flooded area or basin, the water may be splashed on you, and your belongings might be wet and damaged. If you encounter these incidents, you can sue the driver for damages under civil and criminal claim.


Ø Why is driving with water splashing to a person is considered an offense under the law of Thailand?


Because such action shows the driver was driving without precaution for the safety of pedestrians and may causes damages in accordance with Section 48 (8) of Road Traffic Act, B.E. 2522. This law stipulates that one must be careful, and the offender shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of not exceeding three months or to a fine of two thousand to ten thousand baht, or to both. which such offense is a criminal offense.

因為根據佛曆2522年《泰國道路交通法》第 48 (8) 條,此類行為代表不考慮安全或傷害他人的駕駛行為,違者將被處以不超過三個月的監禁或兩千至一萬泰銖的罰款、或兩者併罰。此罪行屬刑事犯罪。

Ø If your property is damaged by a car splashing, what is the fault of the driver?


In the event that your property is damaged by a car splashing, under Section 358 of the Criminal Code is considered a misdemeanor. The driver is liable for imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine not exceeding six thousand baht, or both of them.

如果您的財產因汽車濺到您身上而損壞,根據《泰國刑法》第 358 條的輕罪,司機將被處以不超過三年的監禁或不超過六千泰銖的罰款、或兩者併罰。

If your property is damaged, not only the driver is being guilty of criminal law, but you can also claim under Section 438 of the Civil and Commercial Code, stating how much compensation will be indemnified by the injured person. It is court’s duty to determine a reasonable amount of compensation on the driver behavior and to assess severity of the act deemed to be an infringement.


Therefore, if you encounter such situation, the first step is to take notes and to remember the license plate number of the vehicle that causes the incident, or to take photo or video of that car and submit the evidence to the nearest police station immediately. In addition, the driver himself/herself should take caution while driving at low speeds during the rain or when encountering puddles on the road. In this case, the driver will not only prevent splashing water on others when they walk along the road, but also help to prevent car accidents during the rain.


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