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Copyright Act in Thailand is Amended for Accession to WIPO 泰國著作權法為加入WIPO修訂

The Thai Copyright Act Copyright Act (No. 5) B.E. 2565 (2022) was published on February 23, 2022 in the Royal Thai Gazette, and will become effective on August 23, 2022. The purpose of this amendment is for the preparation for Thailand to access to become member of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) copyright treaty (“WCT”). Following is key points of the amendments:

泰國著作權法佛曆2565年(2022)(第 5號)於 2022 年 2 月 23 日公布在泰國皇家公報,並將於 2022 年 8 月 23 日生效。修訂的目的是為泰國加入 WIPO (世界知識產權組織) 著作權條約 (“WCT”) 做準備。以下是修訂重點:

1. The extension of the copyright protection for photographs


Based on the amended act, the protection period for photographic works is extended to its photographer’s life and subsequent 50 years after the death of the photographer.[1]

修改的法案規定攝影作品的保護期延長至攝影者的有生之年以及攝影者死亡後 50年。

2. Definition changes of service providers and service users


Based on the amended act definition, the scope of “service provider” includes internet hosting service providers and search engine internet service providers.

In addition, the definition of “service user” is added to the amended act, which means a user of a service provider.[2]


此外,修改的法案增加 “服務使用者”的定義,即服務提供者的使用者。

3. New mechanism for copyright infringement materials from online platform


This act allows copyright owner to take direct action against copyright infringement from online platforms instead of filing the case to court. In other words, the procedure begins with a copyright owner to send out takedown notice to service provider, either to takedown or to restrict access to the infringed work, its reference, or hyperlink. After receiving such notice, the service provider should comply with the copyright owner’s request immediately and to notify the accused relevant service users.[3]


4. Service Provider will be exempted from liability under safe harbor rules


Based on the amended act, service provider is exempted from liability of copyright infringement when:[4]


Ø an explicit announcement and compliance of the measures to terminate the service for the service user repetitively infringed copyright;


Ø compliance with the statutory conditions which is specifically for each type of service provider.


5. Infringement of technological protection measures is amended


The offense of technological protection infringement is extended to any actions causing technological protection measures for access control to be rendered ineffective.[5]


[1] Section 21 of Copyright Act. [2] Section 3 of Copyright Act. [3] Section 43/6 and 43/7 of Copyright Act. [4] Section 43/1 of Copyright Act. [5] Section 15 of Copyright Act.

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