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Applying for Import License from Thai Food and Drug Administration 向泰國食品藥物管理局申請進口許可證

In order to import food to Thailand, one of the requirements is to obtain an import license from Thai Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) under Food Act B.E. 2522 (1979). To receive the FDA’s license, an applicant has to receive approval in two steps, which are the approval of the premises and approval of the products respectively.

向泰國進口食品的其中一項要求是根據佛曆2522年(1979)《泰國食品法》從泰國食品和藥物管理局( “FDA” )取得進口許可證。要獲得FDA的許可,申請人必須在兩個階段獲得核准,分別是場所核准和產品核准。

Step 1: Acquire the Approval of Premises

第一步: 獲得場所核准

For the approval of the premises, there is a distinction between Manufacturer and Importer.


For Manufacturers, the required steps to obtain the Approval of Premises can simply be split into 4 steps:


A. File for “premises inspection” with the representative of the FDA.

向 FDA 提交“場所檢查” 申請。

B. File for “establishment of manufacture plant” with the FDA.

向 FDA 提交“建立製造工廠”申請。

C. Wait for the Approval.


i. After the inspection of both documents and previous steps, the FDA agent will inform the applicant regards to their licenses.

檢查這兩份文件和之前的步驟後,FDA 代理將通知申請人關於許可證的事情。

ii. Fees of the registration will be adjusted accordingly to the numbers of employees and manufacturing instrument horsepower.


D. File for the FDA approval of Food Product.


For Importers, the required steps to obtain the Approval for the importation, is much simpler than the Manufacturer. It can be split into 2 simple steps:


1. File for the Importation License;


2. Waiting for the Approval;


3. File for the FDA approval of Food Product.

向FDA 提交食品核准申請。

Step 2: Acquire FDA Seal of Approval

第二步: 獲得FDA核准

After you have a license for Manufacturing/Importation, the next step is to acquire the FDA Seal of Approval in order to sell products to the market in Thailand! For the approval of the products, the product has to be thoroughly examined by the FDA for the suitable imported or produced category. To obtain the FDA Seal of Approval, the required steps are:

獲得製造/進口許可證後,下一步是獲得FDA核准以便在泰國市場銷售!為了獲得產品核准,產品必須由FDA徹底檢查適合進口或生產的類別。獲得 FDA 核准所需的步驟為:

1. File a “Declaration of Foods” Application (Sor-Bor.5);

提交“食品聲明”申請 (Sor-Bor.5);

2. Waiting for the FDA Food Numbers;


3. Affixed the Label and FDA Food Numbers accordingly to the Announcement of the Ministry of Health.


The waiting time for each application in every step is highly depending on the complexity of the ingredients that both Importers/Manufacturer wishes to sell on Thai’s Market. Additionally, the import licenses are subject to renewal after 3 years.


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