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What You Should Know When to File Taxes in Thailand Part II 你應該知道在泰國報稅的時間 Part II

C. Value Added Tax (VAT) 增值稅

VAT is tax on the sale of goods or the provision of services with the current rate of 7%. There are 2 applicable forms for submission.


If you want to know more detail of VAT, please refer to our article “Value Added Tax (VAT) in Thailand” at


D. Withholding Tax 預扣所得稅

Withholding tax is deduced from payments such as service suppliers and subsequently remitted to the Revenue Department by the payer. There are several applicable forms:


If you want to know more detail of withholding tax, please refer to our article “Relating information of Withholding Tax in Thailand” at


E. Specific Business Tax 特別營業稅

Specific business tax is imposed on certain businesses which provide services that the value added is difficult. There is only one kind of form PT 40 to report.

If you want to know more detail of corporate income tax, please refer to our article “Taxes in Thailand” at

特別營業稅是針對附加值難以定義的定義的特定產業徵收的稅務。只有1種申報表格PT 40。


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