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What You Should Know About Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand 您應該知道的泰國婚前協議

Nowadays it is common for couple to draft prenuptial agreement for assets and debts management purposes. Such agreement would specifies what rights both parties possess to their properties and assets if their marriage ends in divorce. In Thailand, prenuptial agreements are enforced according to Thai Civil and Commercial Code[1].


A prenuptial agreement should:


1. be made before marriage;


2. both parties understand the contract's (prenup's) content;


3. both parties sign the agreement with at least two witnesses, at least 18 years old;


4. its clauses are not against good morals or the law, and;


5. is registered together with the marriage in the marriage registers.


In addition, if either or both parties are under 20 years old, they must receive consent for the marriage from parent, legal representative, or guardian.


On the other hand, the following representations would be void if included in a prenuptial agreement:


Ø A clause that requires a husband’s total salary be given to the wife.


Ø Wording that intimates that the agreement can be governed by statutes outside of Thailand.


Ø Wording that specifies each spouse’s debts. For instance, identifying personal debt of both spouses to be a debt of the husband, or an obligation of the husband to be the debt of the wife.


Ø A clause that specifies, in cases of separation, that any assets acquired during the separation are personally owned. (While this addendum is considered void in the Thai legal system, it may be valid in other countries).


(雖然本附錄在泰國法律體系被視為無效,但在其他國家/地區可能有效) 。

Changes to or cancellation of the prenuptial agreement:[2]


Ø Only with the authorization of the court can the spouse alter or revoke the prenuptial agreement.


Ø When the court orders to change the revocation of the prenuptial agreement, the court shall notify the marriage registrar to record such changes in the marriage register.


[1] Please refer to sections 1465 to 1469 of the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code. [2] Section 1467 of Civil and Commercial Code.

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