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How to Protect Your Thai Intellectual Property Rights in the Metaverse 如何在元宇宙保護您的泰國智慧財產權

Since October 2021, metaverse has been a hot topic which was brought out by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook Inc.), who announced his ambition to his employees that he was planning to build a world knows as the metaverse. Therefore, it is important for intellectual property owners in Thailand to get with the trends.

自2021年10月起「元宇宙」一詞因Meta Platforms (前身為Facebook Inc.)執行長馬克·祖克柏提出而成為熱門話題。馬克·祖克柏向員工宣布他的雄心計劃是建立一個被稱為元宇宙的世界。因此,對於泰國的知識產權所有者來說,跟上潮流是件重要的事情。

For patent owners, it is suggested to invest augmented reality (“AR”) and virtual reality (“VR”) devices. It is predictable that brand owners in the technology industry will develop AR and VR devices, so there will be more opportunities for patent owners to invent and improve AR technology-related devices for use with various items, such as eyewear and other products that make AR and VR more user-friendly and cheaper to users, and to file patent applications accordingly.


In addition, for trademark owners, it is important to file nontraditional trademark applications. In the world of metaverse, trademarks for use are likely to be nontraditional such as sound trademarks and hologram trademarks, so we will encourage trademark owners to file trademark applications to avoid trademark infringement. In addition, a trademark owner should consider to designate the suitable classes for these new trademark applications as they will be used in metaverse. The new application should include virtual goods and services. For example, class 9 which is related to downloadable virtual goods and class 41 which is related to online entertainment services.


Furthermore, if a creator creates a piece of art in the metaverse, we may consider whether such art legally belongs to that creator, to the metaverse, or to the developer of the app by which the art was created. In the future, the legislators may indicate relevant regulations in the acts to answer this question.


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