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How to Import Goods into Thailand 如何進口貨物到泰國

In order to import goods into Thailand, there are several steps we must follow, especially for customs broker to avoid paying any penalties.


Following is procedure for importing goods into Thailand:


Ø Register E-Customs System online在海關線上系統註冊[1]

All goods imported into Thailand must be reported to Thai Customs Department through E-Customs system. In order to register E-Customs system, a digital certificate is required, which is an electronic signature file to confirm the identity of the registered person and to e-sign documents.


You can submit application forms for registration and/or attachments as follows:


· Submit an application for registration via online visitor registration system on the Internet or;


· Submit registration request form at Registration Department of Import and Export, or an agency approved to receive registration of a customs office or a customs house.


Ø Review of Imported Goods 審查進口貨物[2]

Before arrival, the goods must be approval for import permit, which will be issued by agencies. In addition, it must be identified as green line products by Thai customs. If the goods are identified as red line (opposite to green line), below documents are required upon arrival.

貨物進入泰國前必須得到由機構核發的輸入許可證。此外,貨物須由泰國海關確認為綠線商品。如貨物被認定為紅線商品 (為綠線的相反),需在抵達泰國時提交以下文件。

Import License輸入許可證

Invoice 帳單

Packing List 貨物清單

Bill of Lading/Air Waybill海運提單/航空貨運提單

Certificate of Origin (if applicable) 產地證明書 (如適用)

Other relevant documents: such as catalogs其他相關文件:例如目錄、產品規格

Please be informed that there is no definite list of red line goods.


Ø Fill in Import Declaration 填寫進口報單

When all documents are prepared, an import declaration can be submitted to E-Customer system with arrival report. Thai customs will review the documents and to decide whether the goods are in green line or red line.


In case of the person is responsible for shipping which cannot send information electronically. Fill in the details of the transportation and the product information in the Form Sor Bor. 1.

如果是負責運輸的人員無法以電子方式發送訊息,需在Sor Bor1表格中填寫詳細運輸及產品資訊。

Ø Payment of Tax and Duty 繳納稅金及關稅

According to Section 13 of Customs Act B.E. 2560 (2017), “For an importation of goods into or exportation of goods out of the Kingdom, a duty shall be collected from an importer or an exporter under this Act and the law on customs tariff”. In addition, Section 14 of Customs Act indicates that “A calculation of duty for goods imported into the Kingdom shall be in accordance with a nature of the goods, a customs value, a corresponding customs tariff and a duty rate at the time of the completion of importation”.


· Pay by person at any customs department, both in cash, tax cards, debit cards, credit cards, and merchant checks that are bank-guarantees and approved by the Customs Department.


· Pay by e-Payment system.


· Pay by the e-Bill Payment system.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding customs in Thailand.


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