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Ways to Register China Trademark 如何申請中國商標

When an applicant wants to protect trademark in China, registration application must be filed to the China Trademark Office. Currently China Trademark Office has received more than half of the total registration application cases each year[1] due to its market demand.


Once the mark is filed, it goes through formality examination and substantive examination. When checking the application form, if the registrar finds any deficiencies, an office action will be issued and the applicant is required to respond within 30 days. After completing the formality examination, the application is under substantive examination, which the registrar checks for absolute and relative grounds. If a trademark doesn’t reach the requirements under Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China, an office action will be issued and the applicant is required to respond to Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration for Industry & Commercial of the People's Republic of China within 15 days. If the argument is convincible, the application will be granted; if not, the applicant can file an appeal to Beijing Intellectual Property Court.


When the trademark is granted, it will be published for three months, and any interested party can file an opposition. If no opposition is filed during this period, the trademark will be registered.


Required documents/information when filing Chin trademark registration application:


1. Chinese and English name of an applicant


2. An applicant’s registered Chinese and English address


3. Class and designated goods/services


4. Clear trademark image


5. If an applicant is a company, a sealed copy of the company’s business license per mark. If an applicant is an individual, a signed copy of the applicant’s passport or ID card per case. If the document is written in foreign languages (not Chinese), a translation copy of it is required.

如申請人為公司,須提供蓋公司大章的主體資格證明文件;如申請人為自然人,須提供簽署的護照或身分證影本,每件商標須提供一份文件。如文件為外文 (非中文),須提供中譯本。

Following is China trademark registration application flowchart[2]:


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