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How to File Trademark in Thailand 如何在泰國申請商標

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Trademark rights are territorial in nature, so it is recommended conduct a trademark search prior proceeds with filing the application, to make sure it is not identical or confusingly similar to existing marks in the relevant category of products and also not prohibited under Thai law.


Following are required information and documentation for filing trademark application in Thailand:


1. The full name of the applicant.


2. The full address of the applicant's principle place of business.


3. The type of person the applicant is considered to be (juristic/individual person).


4. The applicant's nationality and place of incorporation.


5. The Applicant’s occupation or type of business.


6. Clear copy of the mark showing the specific fonts/characters the applicant wishes to use for the mark


7. Translation and transliteration of the mark if the mark is in foreign language other than English.


8. A full, specific list of the goods/services upon which the marks will be applied.


9. A notarized Power of Attorney (“POA”) signed by or on behalf of the applicant before a notary public if the applicant is foregin entity.


10. A signed copy of the applicant’s passport or identity card. In case, the applicant is the individual person. The Translation is required for foreign language other than English.


11. A certified copy of the first filing of the corresponding application filed overseas if claiming priority.


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