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泰國針對商標註冊及延展現在提供”快速系統” (Fast Track System)服務

Recently DIP has announced fast track system for trademark registration and renewal in Thailand which has been effective since 2021/2/23.


Following is basic introduction:


Trademark registration: With the fast-track system, if the trademark meets the two requirements will be reviewed within 6 months to complete the examination, which are:

1. The number of goods/services is within 30 items;

2. The number of designated goods/services must be selected from DIP’s official website.

商標註冊: 如果商標符合以下要求,可利用快速系統於6個月內完成審查:



Trademark renewal: With the fast-track system, the renewal application of Thailand trademark with the following conditions only takes 45 minutes, which are:

1. The number of goods/services is within 30 items;

2. There are no changes of the trademark detail, ex: change of address;

3. The renewal application must be filed either by the owner or the appointed attorney;

4. The applicant shall request for Fast Track examination to the DIP Officer at the time of filing the Renewal Application;

5. All the renewal official fees are fully paid.

商標延展: 如商標符合以下要求,可利用快速系統於45分鐘完成延展申請:

1. 商品/服務名稱不超過30個;

2. 商標資訊無變動,例如地址變更;

3. 延展申請由申請人或授權人提出;

4. 已支付延展規費。

In addition, on January 28, 2021, DIP announced the draft of updated trademark manual. Following are key points of the draft:

1. There are five levels of distinctiveness of determining likeness of a mark, which are fanciful, arbitrary, suggestive, descriptive and generic.

2. A mark contains geometric shapes or general designs isn’t registrable.

3. It will depend on the knowledge of Thai society to determine whether a mark is a geographical name.

4. The following marks are considered lacking distinctiveness:

Ø A mark is descriptive to the designated goods/services or geographical names;

Ø A mark is descriptive to the designated goods/services but intentionally misspelt, but still have the same pronunciation of the original words;

Ø A mark contains a group of letters and non-distinctive words;

Ø A mark contains more than two words with meaning, and the meaning is considered descriptive of the designated goods/services.


1. 商標的識別性分五個等級,分別是虛構、任意、暗示性、描述性和一般。

2. 商標包含幾何形狀或一般設計不得註冊。

3. 商標是否為地名取決於泰國的社會認知。

4. 以下商標被認定缺乏識別性:

Ø 商標對指定商品/服務或地名有描述性;

Ø 商標對指定商品/服務有描述性但故意拼錯,對於原意仍有相同發音;

Ø 商標包含一串字及無識別性的字;

Ø 商標包含兩個以上有含意的字,且此涵義對指定商品/服務有描述性。

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