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Criminal Law Procedure in Thailand 泰國刑法程序介紹

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

In Thailand, criminal action is regulated by Thai Criminal Code B.E. 2499 (1956) (or Thailand Penal Code). According to the Law, it shall apply to acts performed in Thailand. In addition, such act shall be deemed to be performed inside the Kingdom even it is partially performed inside the Kingdom, or if its result occurs inside the Kingdom in conformity with the intent of the offender or if, by nature of the act, its result ought to occur inside the Kingdom or it could be conjectured that such result would occur inside the Kingdom.

泰國刑事訴訟的依據為佛曆2499年《泰國刑法》 (1956年)(或稱《泰國刑法典》)。該法規定在泰國境內發生的行為。此外,即使是部分在泰國的行為、行為的後果在泰國展現出來、本質上應該在泰國發展、或者可以推測在泰國境內發生的事,也會被視為在國內發生的。

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