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Ways to Register European Union Trademark 如何申請歐盟商標

European Union trademark is protected and registered in all members of European Union (“EU”). Due to this benefit, many applicants like to register EU trademarks. It is part of the requirement that the application needs to be made at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (“EUIPO”).

歐盟商標的保護範圍涵蓋歐盟所有的成員國,因為這樣的優點,不少人申請歐盟商標。申請註冊歐盟商標須向「歐盟智慧財產局」 (簡稱EUIPO) 提出申請。

Once the mark is filed, it would go through formality examination and distinctive examination. When checking the application form, if the registrar finds any deficiencies, an office action will be issued and the applicant is required to respond within two months. After completing the formality examination, the application is under distinctive examination, which the registrar only checks for absolute grounds. If the trademark lacks distinctness, an office action will be issued and the applicant is required to respond within two months. If the argument is convincible, the application will be granted; if not, the applicant can file an appeal.


When the trademark is granted, it will be published for three months, and any interested parties can file an opposition. If no opposition is filed during this period, the trademark will be registered.


Due to Brexit issue, we would like to draw your attention regarding EU trademark protection in U.K.


1. Registered EU trademarks: these marks registered before Exit Day will be automatically protected in U.K.


2. Pending EU trademarks: these mark which is still pending on Exit Day needs to file an application before UK Intellectual Property Office (“UKIPO”) but can receive the same application date as the EU trademarks.

審查中歐盟商標:在脫歐過渡期結束之時仍審查中的歐盟商標,須向「英國智慧財產權局」(簡稱UKIPO) 提出英國商標註冊申請,但可與歐盟商標享有同樣的申請日。

3. Renewal EU trademarks: if a trademark is due for renewal in six months period after Exit Day, separate renewal fee needs to pay to UKIPO.


Below is flowchart from EUIPO for your better understanding:[1]


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