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Procedure of Trademark Registration in Japan 日本商標申請流程介紹

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

In order to receive protection in Japan, trademark application should be filed before Japan Patent Office (“JPO”). Once the application is filed, it will first start with formality examination. If the case needs any amendments, JPO will issue an invitation of amendment, and the applicant is required to respond within the requested time.


After formality examination is done, trademark would be under substantive examination. If the registrar considered the trademark cannot be registered, notification of provisional refusal will be issued. The applicant then is required to respond within the requested time. If the debate is convincible, the case will be granted; if not, the applicant can file an appeal within 60 days.


Once the trademark is granted, the registration fee should be paid within one month. After paying the fee, JPO will issue trademark registration certificate. Once a trademark is registered, it will be published for 2 months, and any interested party can oppose. If no opposition is filed during this time, the trademark will be continued to be registered.


Required information/documents when filing trademark registration in Japan:


1. Name and address of the applicant


2. Clear trademark image


3. Class and designate goods/services


4. Priority document if claiming priority


Following is flow chart of Japan trademark registration application procedure[1]


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