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Marriage Registration in Thailand 泰國結婚登記須知

Register marriage is not difficult in Thailand. However, if the marriage is between Thai and foreigner, it is important to make sure the registration is legitimate.


Following is the list of requirements to register marriage in Thailand:



· Should be last least 17 years old or is able to get married according to laws in their countries.


· Shouldn’t be insane and is able to judge.


· The couples are not biologically related.


· Shouldn’t have the same adopted parents.


· If one of them has been married before, the marriage should be made after 310 days from death of the previous spouse or termination of previous marriage.


· The parents of the adopted child cannot marry the adopted child.


· If couples are not 17 years old yet, consent from the court is necessary due to necessity such as pregnancy.


Required Documents for Marriage Involves Foreigners[1]


· Copy of passport;


· National ID card;


· Have two witnesses;


· Affidavit of marital (single) status of the person from consulate in Bangkok or through respective embassy for foreigners;


· Translated copy of affidavits certified by Thai translator and legalized by Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs;


· Household Registration (Blue book).

房屋登記戶籍謄本 (藍色本子)。

After gathering the required documents, the couple can go to local district office to register the marriage with witnesses and to sign the consent form. If the marriage involves foreigners, the marriage ought to register at the respective country too.


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[1] https://www.bora.dopa.go.th/CallCenter1548/index.php/menu-general/12-service-handbook/general/27-general-status-marriage-registration.

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