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Filing Divorce in Thailand 在泰國提起離婚訴訟

In our earlier article, we have introduced grounds for divorce and how the procedure is done in Thailand. If a couple decides to divorce but can’t come to an agreement on more than one issue, they may file a lawsuit before family court.

在我們先前的文章 “泰國離婚須知”有介紹過《泰國民商法》規定的離婚理由以及登記離婚的申請程序。如果在離婚上針對部分議題無法取得共識,可能會採取法律途徑,向泰國家庭法院訴請離婚。

Following is procedure of filing a contested divorce:


Preparation and Initiate the Lawsuit 準備及提起訴訟

Identify grounds of divorce and to prepare supporting evidence.


Prepare photocopy of ID, Tabien Baan, marriage certificate, and children’s birth certificate (if both parties have kids together).

準備身分證、房屋登記簿、結婚登記證,以及小孩的出生證明影本(如雙方共同有小孩) 。

Submit the claims and relevant documents before family court.


Relevant Fee 繳交相關費用

Court fee: It must be submitted when filing the case before family court, which is 1,000 baht. If the petition includes claim of property, the amount shall be 2% of the amount, but shouldn’t be more than 200,000 baht.


Court delivery fee: This expense is to deliver summons to the Defendant. If the Defendant lives in Thailand, the fee is 1,000 baht. If the Defendant lives outside of Thailand, the fee is 5,000 baht.


Response of Defendant 被告答辯[1]

The Defendant is required to submit his/her statement within 15 days after receiving the summons.


The Defendant is required to submit his/her statement within 30 days if the summons is not accepted from delivery, either the Defendant refused to take them, or the Defendant can’t be found.


If the Defendant failed to submit the argument within the requested period, a default judgment will be made.


Discussion of Children’s Custody 討論小孩的監護權

If the couple has children in common, both parents and children have to present at Juvenile Court to discuss the children’s welfare.


If the couple cannot come to an agreement, the officer will make a recommendation and forward this matter to court.


Pre-Trial Stage 審前會議

At this stage it will be determinate number of issues to be heard. Also, it is a chance for both parties to submit agreement and settle the dispute.


If no agreement is settled at this stage, a hearing will be announced, which is usually 60 days after filing the complaint.


Judgment 判決

The judgment usually will be made within 30 days from the last trial.


[1] Legal and Litigation Department, <>

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