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Divorce in Thailand 泰國離婚須知

When people fall in love, which may end up getting married and to have their own family. But one day if they can’ get along with their spouse and wanted to terminate their relationship, the solution is divorce. In Thailand, marriage registration and marriage dissolution is done at district office. According to Thai Civil and Commercial Act, divorce may only become effective by mutual consent or by judgment of the Court.


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Guideline of E-Signature in Thailand 泰國電子簽名的使用說明

與家庭和繼承有關的交易 (佛曆2549年規定不受電子交易法適用的民事和商業交易的皇家法令) 對於電子簽名和電子文件來說是不合法的。此外,需要在某些政府機構註冊的交易一般不能透過電子簽名完成。例如,泰國民商法要求出售或抵押不動產 (例如土地、建築物) 必須在土地局登記。


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