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Arbitration Part II 仲裁II

Statement of Claim shall include the following details:


1. A request to have the disputes settled by arbitration;


2. Name and address of the parties, including e-mail address (if any);

當事雙方的姓名、地址、及信箱(如有的話) ;

3. Arbitration Agreement;


4. Contract or juristic relations which creates or is in connection with a dispute;


5. The facts that is the basis of the claim and the amount requested;


6. The seeking remedy;


7. Number of arbitrators in the event that it is not specified in the arbitration clause or the arbitration agreement;


8. Signature of the claimant or representative.


Required documents when submitting the dispute


1. Statement of Claim (Form Aor Tor 7) to be provided with annex

起訴狀 (Aor Tor 7表格) 含附件

2. Identity documents 身分證明文件

For natural person 如為自然人

- a copy of ID card 身分證影本

- a copy of household registration 戶籍影本

For a juristic person 如為法人

- certificate of juristic person (original version) issued within3 months


- a copy of the identity card of the representative of the juristic person


For Government Body 如為政府單位

- a copy of the announcement or order of appointment of the person in authority of the government agency


- a copy of the national ID card of the authorized person to sign on behalf of the government agency


3. Power of attorney 委任狀

The Stamp Duty shall be duly affixed unless it is subject to the exemptions (Form Aor Tor 20). A copy of the identity card of the authorizing person and the representative are required. If the authorizing person is a juristic person, the company’s seal shall be affixed in the Power of Attorney.

除非有免除理由,否則應加蓋印花稅(Aor Tor 20表格)。需要被授權人和代表人的身份證影本。如被授權人是法人,應在委任狀加蓋公章。

4. Proxy form (Form Aor Tor. 6) only is needed when the parties or the representatives do not act by themselves.

如當事人或代表人非自己提出訴訟,須提交代理表格(Aor Tor. 6表格)

5. Letter of Appointment in nominating an arbitrator and Letter of Consent from such person (Form Aor Tor 10) only is required in the case that the arbitration agreement requires more than one arbitrator.

只有仲裁協議要求一名以上仲裁員的情況下才需要提名仲裁員的委任書和仲裁員同意書 (Aor Tor 10表格)。

6. Security money


In the proceeding of the arbitration class in the amount of 15,000 baht.


The claimant must provide copies of all above-mentioned documents in the amount adequate to deliver to the respondent and the arbitral tribunal.


All copies must be certified by the Claimant; and 所有文件影本須原告核實;且

The claimant must also provide TAI with electronic copy of Statement of Claim in CD-ROM.原告須提供TAI燒錄在CD-ROM的起訴狀電子檔。

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