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1. 拖欠利息

2. 為分期償還本金而應支付的款項。

3. 拖欠工資,年金,養老金,維持津貼和所有其他定期付款。

Civil Court Claim (Litigation) 🇹🇭《Thai Law》

Payment of Court Fees

If the case concerns property or money, the filing party is required to pay court fees equivalent to 2% of the total claim (with a maximum of 200,000 Thai baht) for claims under THB 50 million, and an additional 0.1% of the claims if it exceeds THB 50 million. The payment must be made upon the filing of the case. There is also a 1,000 Thai baht charge for court delivery expenses.

The court fees are paid to cover the expenses to be incurred by the court. Should the case be settled at compromise, expect the court fees to be returned with very minimum deductions.

The period of prescription is two years for the following common claims:

1. Arrears of interest

2. Sums payable for the purpose of paying off the principal by installments.

3. Arrears of salaries, annuities, pensions, allowances for maintenance and all other periodical payments.

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