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What You Should Know as a Shareholder of a Thai Company 泰國公司股東須知事項

Following is basic concepts as a Thai shareholder and performing share transfer under Thai Civil and Commercial Code


1. The amount of a share may not be less than 5 baht.


2. Shares are indivisible. If a share is held by two or more persons in common, they must appoint one of them to exercise their rights as shareholders.

Persons holding a share in common are jointly liable to the company for payment of the amount of the share.

股票不得分割 。如果有兩人以上共同持有一張股票,必須選任其中一人以 股東的身分行使權利。此外,同一股份的多個共同持有人,在繳納股份價金中共同對公司承擔責任。

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