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What You Should Know About Thai Food and Drug Administration 您應該知道的泰國食品藥物管理局

In our previous article “What You Should Know When Importing Food to Thailand” (, we have mentioned that when an importer wishes to import foods and drugs to Thailand, the importer is required to obtain an import license from Thai Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). In order to ensure its quality and efficacy of food products, the mission of the FDA is to inspect health product quality, safety, and effectiveness to protect public health in Thailand. Questions come to what are the roles and function of FDA in Thailand?

在我們先前的文章“您應該知道的進口食品到泰國須知” (有提到,當進口商想要進口食品以及藥品進泰國,需要從泰國食品藥物管理局(“FDA”)獲得進口許可證。FDA的使命是確保食品的質量和功效,檢查保健產品的質量、安全性和有效性,以保護泰國的公眾健康。到底FDA在泰國的角色跟目的是什麼?

According to the announcement issued by Thailand Ministry of Public Health title “The Division of Governance of Thailand Food and Drug Administration, 2020 A.D”, the FDA has 8 primary missions under the law as such:

根據泰國公共衛生部發布的標題為“2020泰國食品藥物管理局治理司”的公告,根據法律FDA有 8 項主要任務:

1. Enforcing the law regards to food, drug, cosmetic, dangerous chemical, psychotic-induced drugs, narcotics, medical instrument, law regards to the prevention and restriction of volatile material and other related law.


2. Developing the procedure or mechanisms in regards to all laws under the FDA responsibility.

針對 FDA 負責的所有法律制定程序或機制。

3. Take precaution, issue guidance and quality controls of the product, advertisement agency, and undesirable side effects of the product.


4. Research and analyze and develop the technology, knowledge, and procedure to protect the consumer in regards to the public health safety and benefits to the highest quality and efficacy.


5. Support consumers to be vested in the knowledge of the decision to choose the right product for the right circumstances, to acknowledge consumers of their right to complain and protect against the malicious products.


6. Developing and assisting in events where it is directly regarded to consumers’ health, consumers’ safety in both public and private events.


7. Developing the cooperation in international trade in regards to the public health and national’s benefits.


8. Operates other necessary actions that is direct from the prime minister or the office of Prime Minister.

直接由總理或總理辦公室執行其他必要行動。 As such, the responsibility of the FDA can be simply summarized into five areas as:


Ø Pre-marketing Control: control the manufacturing facility, product quality, and the advertisement before a product is officially sold to the market.


Ø Post-marketing Control: investigate the product manufacture facility and product quality, and make sure they maintain the previous-approved standard.


Ø Surveillance Program for Consumers' Safety: The FDA will collect research and epidemiological data about any negative effect or any unexpected result when a product is being used by a consumer. After gathering the data, the FDA will summarize and report these data.

消費者安全監測計劃:當消費者使用產品時,FDA 將收集有關任何負面影響或任何意外結果的研究和流行病學數據。收集數據後,FDA將匯總並進行報告。

Ø Consumer Education: Make sure necessary and accurate information is provided to customers so they can select products wisely. The information can be provided by TV, radio, newspaper, and internet.


Ø Technical Support and Cooperation with other Agencies​: Participate in seminars and conferences to broaden the horizon. The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) program is an example to show cooperation with other organizations.


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