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What Thai Employers Should Know When Hiring Employees 泰國雇主聘僱員工須知

It is important for Thai employers to know the obligations for Thai employers and benefits for employees under Thai laws and regulations. If not, it is possible to trigger violation of Thai laws. As there are different requirements an employer must comply with when hiring different number of employees. The following are summarization of these differences.


A. Hiring 1 employee or more 聘僱一名或以上員工

Both employer and employee must register social security fund (“SSF”) and workmen’s compensation fund. In addition, the registration should be completed within 30 days from the date of hiring the employee. Please refer to our previous article “Social Security in Thailand” at and “Employee rights in relation to Work Injury” at for more information about SSF and workmen’s compensation fund. Employers must withhold social security payments collected from employee's salary every month, as well as submitting it to the Social Security Administration by 15th of the following month.

雇主及員工須註冊社會保險基金以及員工賠償基金。此外,需在聘僱員工的30天內完成註冊。有關社會保險基金以及員工賠償基金的介紹,請參考我們之前的文章 “來泰國創業或就業需要知道的泰國社保”在以及“員工職災後的權利”在。雇主必須每月從受僱員工資中代繳社會保障金,並在次月 15 日之前向社保局繳交。

B. Hiring 10 employees or more聘僱十名或以上員工

Within 15 days having 10 or more employees, the employer has to prepare written rules and regulations governing work performance to registry to the General Director of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare in Thai language and to display the regulation in the office.


In addition, the employer must prepare a fire prevention and suppression plan in accordance with the ministerial regulations setting the standard for management and to provide training on safety, occupational health and working environment in relation to fire prevention and suppression B.E. 2555[1] for at least 40% of the employees in each department.

另外,雇主必須根據制定管理標準的部級法規制定防火和滅火計劃。 並提供每個部門至少40%的員工參與防火與滅火相關的安全、職業健康和工作環境相關培訓B.E. 2555。[2]

C. Hiring 20 employees or more 聘僱二十名或以上員工

A company should have technical safety officers and management safety officers. The number of these officers is based on the number of employees.


D. Hiring 50 employees or more 聘僱五十名或以上員工

An employee should appoint a welfare committee with at least 5 representatives from the employees. In addition, the employee should appoint a safety, occupational health and working environment committee. The number of the members is based on the number of the employees.


[1] Ministerial Regulations Determining Standards for Management and Operation on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Environment concerning Fire Prevention and Suppression, B.E. 2555. [2] Ibid.

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