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Thailand BOI Approves Investment Applications Worth USD1.1 Billion 泰國投資委員會核准投資申請價值 11億美元

On 10 October 2023, Narit Therdsteerasukdi, Secretary General of the Thailand Board of Investment (“BOI”) announced the approval of investment promotion applications worth THB 41 billion (USD 1.1 billion) including the manufacturing of electric vehicles (EV), the generation of renewable energy from waste, data centers, and travel and tourism infrastructure and equipment. The BOI also fine-tuned the 5-year investment promotion strategy that became effective in January this year.

2023年10月10日,泰國投資委員會(“BOI”)秘書長納立宣布核准價值410億泰銖(11億美元)的投資促進申請,包括電動車 (EV)製造、利用廢棄物產生再生能源、資料中心以及旅行和旅遊基礎設施和設備的可再生能源。BOI也對今年1月生效的5年投資促進策略進行微調。

The adjusted strategy places five strategic industries and activities at the core of the investment promotion policy for the next four years (2024–2027) with special investment incentives. These are (1) Bio-Circular-Green economic activities, including agriculture, food, medical, and clean energy, (2) Automotive sectors, especially EV, covering the manufacturing of cars and the related supply chain from batteries, and key parts to charging stations, (3) Electronics, especially upstream and smart electronics; (4) Digital and creative; and (5) Regional headquarters and international business centers.

調整後的策略將五個策略性產業和活動作為未來四年(2024–2027)投資促進政策的核心,並提供特殊的投資誘因。這些是(1)生物循環綠色經濟活動,包括農業、食品、醫療和清潔能源,(2) 汽車產業,尤其是電動車,涵蓋汽車製造以及從電池、關鍵零件到充電站的相關供應鏈,(3)電子產品,特別是上游和智慧電子產品;(4)數位及創新;(5)地區總部及國際業務中心。

Mr. Narit said that the introduction of new investment promotion strategy that aims to restructure the Thai economy towards the "New Economy" makes Thailand's investment even more attractive.


The revised strategy will also push forward five important agendas to enable the transformation of the industrial sector, namely (1) Green transformation to support the policy of Carbon Neutrality in 2050 and Net Zero Emission in 2065; (2) Technology development to support Innovation Drive Enterprise (IDE) with sales of 1 billion Baht for 1,000 companies; (3) Talent development and attraction to be a talent hub; (4) Cluster-based investment to diversify investment and make prosperity according to the potential of each area in Thailand; and (5) Ease of investment to be a Trade & Investment Gateway of ASEAN, Mr. Narit said.

納立表示,修訂後的策略也將推動產業轉型的五個重要議程,即(1)綠色轉型,支持2050年碳中和和2065年淨零排放政策; (2) 支持創新驅動企業 (IDE) 的技術開發,為1,000家公司帶來10億泰銖的銷售額;(3)開發與吸引人才,成為人才中心;(4) 根據泰國各地區的潛力,以集群為基礎的投資,實現投資多元化和繁榮;(5)投資便利化,成為東協貿易投資門戶。

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