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Longer Paid Maternity Leave will be Provided in Thailand 泰國將提供更長的帶薪產假

The new Labor Protection Act has been amended on the rights of employees. The Government Gazette website has published the Labor Protection Act (No.7) B.E. 2562, with important content on the rights of pregnant women employees to take maternity leave of no more than 98 days. This maternity leave includes leave for prenatal checkup for which employers can pay wages to employees for a maximum of 45 days.


In addition, there are additional privileges from Social Security Office (“SSO”). In the event that the employee gives birth, for employees have paid contributions for at least 5 months within the 15 months period prior to giving birth, the SSO will pay employee a lump sum of 15,000 baht per childbirth. For the employees who are eligible for unpaid maternity leave allowance, the rate is 50 percent of the average 90-day wage. In the event that the husband and wife are both insured, they will be able to use this right to claim maternity allowance from one side only without limitation on the number of children/time.

另外,社會保險辦公室(“SSO”)有提供額外權力,如果員工分娩,必須在孩子出生前的 15 個月內支付至少5 個月的費用。SSO將按每次分娩15,000 泰銖的標準支付員工一次性費用。對於有資格獲得無薪產假津貼的員工,此比率為平均 90 天工資的50%。如果夫妻雙方都有保險,將可以使用此權利只為任何一方申請生育津貼,不限孩子數量/時間長短。

Overall, the SSO has recently increased the benefits for women. For example, the prenatal care allowance has increased to 1,500 baht, and the delivery allowance has increased to 15,000 baht. We will keep you posted if there is any update.


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