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How to Sue a Person for Defamation in Thailand 如何在泰國控告誹謗罪

In our earlier article “Defamation in Thailand” at https://0rz.tw/CdmhM, we have introduced that in civil cases, defamation is defined as a person making false statement and asserting it as a fact. Due to its action, has injured the reputation, credit, earnings, or prosperity of another person. On the other hand, defamation is defined as whoever imputes anything about another person to a third person in a manner likely to impair the person’s reputation or to make the person to be hatred by others for criminal cases. Today we will discuss about how to prove defamation before judges for a case to be valid.

在我們先前的文章”泰國誹謗罪” https://0rz.tw/CdmhM,我們介紹民法上的誹謗罪是指不實陳述並斷言為真的人。此行為有致損害他人名譽、信譽、收入或榮譽。另一方面,刑法上的誹謗罪可能致使損害他人名譽或使他人置於仇恨的方式將他人的任何事情歸咎於第三人。今天我們要以一個案例討論如何在法官面前證明且讓誹謗罪成立。

In Natural Fruits Corporation vs. Andy Hall case, Mr. Andy asserted that Natural Fruit Corporation used violence, overtime working hours, child labors, and detained their Burmese workers’ passports to keep these workers obedient. Mr. Hall later published a series of his reports. Since 2013, Natural Fruits has filed several civil and criminal lawsuits about defamation but weren’t successful. In 2020, the Thai Supreme Court states that Mr. Andy “acted honestly and criticised fairly...the defendant's media interview of the plaintiff's employment practices does not warrant compensation” in the civil case.

在Natural Fruits Corporation 與 Andy Hall的案件中,Andy斷言Natural Fruits Corporation使用暴力、超時工作、童工、扣押緬甸移民勞工的護照,確保勞工會順從他們。Andy先生後來出版一系列的公開報導。自2013年起,Natural Fruits提起數個民事及刑事上的誹謗罪訴訟,但沒有成功。在2020年,泰國最高法院針對民事案件指出Andy先生”行為真實且為適當的批判…被告對原告勞雇作法的媒體採訪並未判決損害賠償。”

In this case, to claim defamation, a person has to prove that another person’s statements harms his reputation. However, the accused person can make the following defense:


For Criminal Cases刑事案件:

1. The statement or opinion is for self-justification or defense, or for the protection of legitimate interest;


2. The accused is an official who makes the statement to carry the duty;


3. The statement or opinion was fair on a person or thing to public criticism;


4. The statement was a fair report at any court or meeting.


For Civil Cases民事案件:

1. The accused can prove that he wasn’t aware that the statement was untruthful and he has a rightful interest in it.


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