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How to Set Up a Factory in Thailand 如何在泰國設立工廠

Nowadays in order to reduce labor cost, many companies decided to move their factories to Southeast Asia. As a developing country with stable environment, Thailand is one of the choices to set up factories. Nevertheless, setting up a factory in Thailand isn’t an easy work, because there are many documents to prepare, especially for foreigners due to language barriers.


Following are steps to set up a factory in Thailand:


A. First is to register a company at Ministry of Commerce


Start with company name search until complete the incorporation.


B. Confirm the type of factory


When you consult with Ministry of Industry and Factory Management Department, you need to provide detailed information of the factory, such as products to produce, the factory category you are applying for (in Thailand the category of factories which are divided into 104 types), and the production procedure.


According to the factory law, the "factory" is a building site, vehicles that use machines with a total power of 5 horsepower or 7 employee or more, regardless of using machines for producing, assembling, packaging, repairing, testing, improving, converting, transporting, storing or destroying anything of a category or type of business prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation of Industry.

根據工廠法,“工廠”是指建築工地。 使用總功率為5馬力或同等功率的機器的車輛 或僱用或不僱用7名或以上的工人使用機器,不管是根據工業部規章中規定的業務類型得以生產,組裝,包裝,修理,測試,改進,改造,轉換,運輸,存儲或銷毀任何物品。

The application procedure and required documents for each type of factories are not the same, so it depends on the regulation of each category of factory and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Some types of factories required preliminary environmental impact assessment form (EIA).


There are 3 types of environmental of evaluation, which are

1. Requirement of preliminary environmental impact assessment (EIA);

2. Requirement of environmental safety assessment (ESA);

3. Requirement of danger permit;

4. No need to conduct environmental assessment.


1. 需要初步環境影響評估表(EIA);

2. 需要環境安全評估(ESA);

3. 需要申請危險許可;

4. 不需要進行環境評估。

C. Evaluation of factory location


For factory location, it will decide whether we should buy or rent the lands. The lands will be assessed by Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning (DPT) and Ministry of Industry, to decide whether it is suitable to construct the category of factory being applied. For more information, please refer to our previous article “Meanings of Color of Land in Thailand” at https://0rz.tw/SYqFE.

工廠位置會決定我們會買或租賃土地。土地會由內政部公共工程暨城鄉規劃局(DPT)及工業部進行評估,決定是否適合建立申請的工廠類型。想知道更多資訊,請參考我們之前的文章“泰國土地類型中顏色的含義” https://0rz.tw/SYqFE

D. Application of construction license


Need to prepare drawing for construction design to apply at local district office.


E. File the factory establishment application at Ministry of Industry


Please refer to our previous article “The procedure of requesting permission of a new factory in Thailand” at https://0rz.tw/4F99Z.


For foreign investors, especially those who speak Chinese, please be cautious that if the documents are in Chinese, it needs to be translated into Thai for officers to understand the factory information. After finishing reading, if you are planning to set up a factory in Thailand, please contact us through line at https://lin.ee/UymVKJa or search Line: @ibcfirm!

針對外國投資客,尤其是說華文的地區,需要特別注意的是如果準備的文件為中文,需要翻譯成泰文以便官方人員了解工廠的資訊。看完以上資訊,如有打算在泰國設立工廠的朋友們,請加IBC的line https://lin.ee/UymVKJa或是Line搜尋: @ibcfirm進行諮詢!

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