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Additional 150% Tax Deduction for Investment in Thailand 投資泰國可額外享有150%扣除額

Royal Decrees No. 695[1] and No.698[2] announced an additional 150% deduction for certain investments on new machinery and hotel renovations in Thailand, which is a relief to provide economic support for companies affected by COVID-19. The new policies are effective from June 23, 2020.


Companies which invested on machinery during the whole year of 2020 can claim an additional 150% deduction, but this excludes machine repair and maintenance. In addition, if the purchase is for leasing or renting business, it’s not qualified for this incentive.


The qualified machineries are assembling components, which uses water, steam, fuel, wind, gas, electric or any power or the combination of several power types. However, it does not cover vehicles registered under the law governing such vehicles.


Companies which engage in hotel business can also claim an additional 150% tax deduction for qualified payment made in 2020, which include additional, extensive, alternative or improved property for hotel business. However, the tax deduction doesn’t include fees for repairment and maintenance.


The qualified machinery and property should meet following condition


Ø Is new


Ø Ready to be used by the end of 2020


Ø Is located in Thailand


Ø Is predictable asset under Thai tax law


Ø Isn’t used for business that is exempt from corporate income tax


IBCFirm was formed by highly talented and progressive lawyers, financial advisors and accountants. Our partners were all graduated from well-known universities in Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Japan. Alliance firms include Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, America, Australia, France and South Africa, majoring in law, finance, investment, taxation and accounting, fluent in Chinese, Thai, English and Japanese. Our lawyers are also the legal advisor from Taipei Economic and Culture Office in Thailand (“TECO”).

IBC 泰國法律金融會計事務所是由具才華且傑出的律師、財務顧問和會計師組成,本所合夥人畢業於泰國、英國、美國、澳洲、日本知名大學,結盟的事務所遍及台灣、日本、新加坡、美國、澳洲、法國、南非等。所學專業為法律、金融、投資、稅務及會計,精通中文、泰文、英文及日文。本所律師也是駐泰代表處義務諮詢律師。

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