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Abortion up to 20 Weeks will be Legalized in Thailand 懷孕未滿20周墮胎在泰國將是會合法

On September 27, 2022, Thai Ministry of Public Health announced that they decide to legalize abortion the gestational age exceeds twelve weeks but does not exceed twenty weeks, making pregnant women’s abortion more flexible through medical procedures. The new law will come into effect 30 days after the publication of this notice,[1] which is on October 26, 2022.


At first, abortion was illegal in Thailand according to Thai Criminal Code, except for incidents of rape or threat to the mothers’ lives. The punishment was either a fine of up to THB10,000 or six months in prison, or both. However, since February 2021 abortion has been legalized for women up to 12 weeks’ pregnancy.


With the announcement indicating the Royal Gazette, women with more than 12 weeks pregnant but under 20 weeks seeking a legal abortion must fulfil certain criteria. Also, the abortion must be made before “consulting with medical consultants so that women have all the information before they decide to terminate the pregnancy.”


The following are detail of the announcement:


Ø The examination and suggestion units includes public and private hospitals and organization.


Ø For abortion more than 12 weeks but under 20 weeks, an application should be submitted by written, telephone, or electronic methods to professional hospitals and organizations provided by Ministry of Public Health, and women should receive full examination and advice.


Ø After receiving the suggestion, for abortion more than 12 weeks but under 20 weeks is acceptable based on Thai Criminal Code Article 305. For abortion more than 20 weeks, it will be acceptable if it meets Thai Criminal Code Article 305 (1) - (3).

收到建議後,針對懷孕超過12周未滿20周的婦女如果要墮胎,可以依據《泰國刑法》第305條進行。針對懷孕超過20周的墮胎,可以依據《泰國刑法》第305(1) - (3)條進行。

Ø Non-medical specialists can provide abortion advice after receiving professional training, which civil society organizations certified by the Department of Health that offer alternative counseling services to pregnant women.


Ø When providing abortion advice, the specialists should meet the condition which are a.) be serious b.) do not judge a women’s behavior c.) should provide women with details information such as the risk of having abortion.

當提供墮胎建議,專家應該符合這些規定a.) 認真 b.) 不評論婦女的行為 c.) 應提供婦女完整的資訊像是墮胎的風險。

Ø When receiving abortion advice, the women should avoid going beyond the legal abortion period.


Ø After providing the examination and suggestion, relevant hospitals and organizations should provide certificate (can be electronic file).


[1] Section 305 (5) of the Criminal Code of Thailand.

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