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Requirement of Third-Party Liability Insurance for Specific Buildings in Thailand Update


Ministry of Interior in Thailand issues new regulations which require owners and occupants of certain types of buildings to have third-party liability insurance. The new regulations prescribing the types of buildings which should apply for Legal Liability Insurance B.E. 2564 (2021) announced on September 6, 2021. This Ministerial Regulation shall come into force upon the expiration of the sixty days from the date of publication in the Government Gazette, which means the effective date will be on November 5, 2021.

泰國內政部頒布新的法規,規定特定建築的持有人或居住者須投保第三責任險,新的法規說明受佛曆2564年(西元2021年) 「法律責任保險」規定的特定建築。「法律責任保險」於2021年9月6日公布。內政部的新規定將於公布在政府公報上60天後、也就是於2021年11月5日生效。

The new regulations contain details of rules, condition, and insurance amount of third-party liability insurance for specific types of buildings. Furthermore, owners and occupants of large buildings should apply for third-party liability insurance during the construction, modification, relocation, and demolition phases.


Following is details of third-party liability insurance:


Ø Types of building: high-rise, large, or extra-large building


Ø Usage of building: public assembly buildings, entertainment areas with more than 200 square meters with a sign or something created for attaching or installing a sign that is 15 meters tall or more or has an area of 50 square meters or more, signs attached to or placed on the roof or deck of a building or any part of the building with an area of 25 square meters or more. Hotel with more than 80 rooms, and large freestanding or building-attached signboard. Owners or occupants have 30 days from the completion of construction, modification, relocation, and demolition to apply the insurance


Ø Minimums insurance fee


Body injury or death: 100,000 THB/person;

身體受傷或死亡: 100,000泰銖/人;

Medical expenses: 500,000 THB/person;


Property damage: 500,000 THB/person;


Total for Body injury/death and medical expense should be at least 5 million THB/incident.


The policyholder should keep the proof of insurance and to provide it to the authority when necessary. Failure of the requirement will be punished for up to three months in prison or be fined up to 60,000 THB, or both. In addition, there is a penalty up to 10,000 THB/day until the case is in compliant.


If a juristic person’s violation is caused by the action or neglect of a managing person of the juristic person, such person may also be liable for the punishment mentioned above.


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