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泰國政府政府將沒收被土地所有者遺棄超過10 年以上的土地

Thai Government will Confiscate Land Abandoned

by Landowners More Than 10 Years

泰國政府政府將沒收被土地所有者遺棄超過 10 年以上的土地

According to Section 6 of the Land Code B.E. 2497 (1954) Thailand, if a person has the right to possess the land under the Title Deed or the Utilization Certificate, within the period of time provided by law, if the landowner abandons and refuses to make use of the said land or allows his own land to be a “wasteland”, it shall be deemed that the landowner intends to waive his or her right to possess the land, and the government may confiscate the land in order for such land to become the “state property”.

根據佛曆2497年(1954年)《泰國土地法》第 6 條,如果一個人有權根據地契或使用證書佔有土地,並且在法律規定的期限內,土地所有者放棄且未使用該土地,或任該土地為荒地。視為土地所有者放棄對土地的佔有權。泰國政府可以沒收土地歸還國有。

Ø Governments can seize desolate land within the following periods:[1]


· The land with title deed that has been abandoned for more than 10 consecutive years;


· The land with a utilization certificate that has been abandoned for more than 5 consecutive years.


In the event that the Land Department found out that there is abandoned land without utilization, the Director-General of the Land Department shall have the power to file a petition to court and to repossess such land. If the court orders the revocation of the document of rights in the abandoned land, it will be considered that the abandoned land immediately becomes the property of the state.

In order for the government to proceed with the repossession of abandoned land to become state property, there will be provisions that are stipulated in the Ministry of Interior regulations regarding the processing of abandoned land back to the state property dated March 5, B.E. 2522 (1979).

Before the Land Department files a petition with the court to request the revocation of the document of rights in the land, the Land Department must consider from such regulations that the land is in conditions that can be seized as property of the state.


為了讓政府繼續將廢棄土地收回為政府財產,內政部條例中將規定關於處理廢棄土地歸為國有財產的規定,日期為 佛曆2522年(1979)3 月 5 日。


In January each year, the provincial office will carry out a survey of abandoned land and determine whether there are any plots of land left unused or abandoned for more than 10 consecutive years for land with title deeds or 5 consecutive years for the land with a certificate of utilization,

Within the power of the provincial office and the results of the survey, the provincial office will report the results to the Ministry of Interior of the available unused land. However, before the provincial office submits the report to the Ministry of Interior, there will be the following steps the provincial office would take before submitting the report:



· The provincial or district office will notify the landowner of the abandoned land or the landowner who allows the land to become a wasteland to manage or expedite the utilization of such land within 3 months from the date of receiving such notice.


· If the notified period of 3 months has expired and the landowner neglect or refuses to make use of such land for a period, the provincial will appoint a committee to determine length of period of such land to be abandoned and become wasteland. The committee will determine whether such land has been abandoned beyond the time limit as prescribed by law with consideration of whether such land has met the requirement as set forth by the law.


· When the committee decided that the said land has been abandoned and become a wasteland for more than a period of time prescribed by law, the committee will order the provincial governor to attach the opinion to the Land Department for consideration. After that, the prosecutor will file a petition to court and let the court order the revocation of the document of rights (Such as title deeds and certification of utilization as mentioned previously) of the said land. After the process is complete, such land will become the property of the State.


[1] Section 6 of the Land Code.

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