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恭賀IBCFirm官方Line帳號正式上線 💁

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

恭賀IBCFirm官方Line帳號正式上線,有專門的中英文客服為大家更有效的服務 💁



如果有意願長期合作,我們亦可提供法律及會計顧問專案。有興趣的朋友請加入我們的Line @ibcfirm

IBCFirm’s Official Line account is now ready online!! There would be Chinese and English customer service team to serve everyone in a more effective way 💁

IBCFirm is a legal, accounting and financial consulting firm located in Bangkok Thailand. We are fluent in Thai, Chinese, English, and Japanese.

We provide one-stop services and can assist you with issues such as setting up companies/factories, BOI, handling legal matters, litigation/arbitration, inheritance planning and to provide accounting, audit and financial services in Thailand the same time.

If you are looking for long-term cooperative firm, we can also provide legal and accounting consulting package for each corporations. Please join in our Line account @ibcfirm if you have any questions.

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